Libertas wins DataBusiness Challenge competition

11. huhtikuu 2017

Libertas seeks to improve unemployment situation by using augmented intelligence.

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Public procurements must be based on strong procurement expertise

27. maaliskuu 2017

Public procurements are more than just compliance with the Act on Public Contracts.

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Meet Your Community – from walrus to alumnus

22. maaliskuu 2017

The MYC event comprised discussion on different options open to Bachelor's degree students in the selection of specialisation studies.

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From Outsourcing Problems to Effective Service Management

9. maaliskuu 2017

In public sector context, outsourcing services is typically considered when difficulties are already at hand.

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An AI application that promotes the well-being of kin carers wins the hackathon

15. helmikuu 2017

The application created for the Apotti project will have a great societal impact.

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Innovative digital solutions arise through cooperation between students and public sector actors

23. tammikuu 2017

Finalists' presentations will be heard at the grand event ‘Finland100 – Digital Superpower’.


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Professor Virpi Tuunainen received the 2016 AIS Fellow Award

10. tammikuu 2017

The AIS Fellow Award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the information systems discipline.


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Aalto kept its place at #2 among Nordic Business Schools

5. joulukuu 2016

The Financial Times ranking compares European Business Schools.


Energy you won’t find elsewhere

25. marraskuu 2016

Slush has phenomenal pull that stems from the passionate community of people behind it. For them, helping entrepreneurs is everything.

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Getting to know technologies of future knowledge work

24. marraskuu 2016

The Academic Initiative programme makes IBM’s technologies and course materials available to teaching and research at the university for free.

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Students to co-create our public services as part of the 100 years of Finland’s independence

11. lokakuu 2016

Perspectives and innovativeness are expected from students.


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Three students from Aalto University selected to Huawei’s Seeds for the Future programme

27. syyskuu 2016

The students will familiarise themselves with the most recent innovations at the company’s headquarters.


Very interesting business projects carried out in the ITP minor programme

18. elokuu 2016

Summer of 2016: 72 students, 17 business projects and 21 years of multidisciplinarity.


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New policy ideas by students for a sustainable and circular economy

17. kesäkuu 2016

Students in Aalto University's Design for Government course address complex public sector and government challenges.

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Maarintie 13 in Otaniemi the new location of School of Business

3. kesäkuu 2016

This building reinforces the identity and strong brand, as well as the status of the Aalto School of Business.


Aalto University decides on tuition fee amounts

2. kesäkuu 2016

Uniform pricing for the bachelor’s programme and the master’s programmes.


Digitalisation will thoroughly challenge our whole society

17. toukokuu 2016

Global business will be possible on an unprecedented scale.

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Even diginatives need IT education

30. maaliskuu 2016

A recent doctoral dissertation shows that an efficient learning process supports adaptive IT use.

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A group of Aalto students to improve service experience in the public sector

21. tammikuu 2016

Finnish Tax Administration, Population Register Centre and HUS join Hackathon

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Professors Jukka Manner, Jarno Limnéll and Matti Rossi on the list of influential IT figures 2015

22. joulukuu 2015

Each year the 100 most significant topical influential figures are put on the list.


Aalto Service Factory developed service-related research and education

21. joulukuu 2015

Activities at Aalto Service Factory will cease at the end of 2015.

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Recipes for success in public sector service procurement

20. marraskuu 2015

That was the topic at November's Knowledge Sharing Breakfast event.


Outsourcing is anticipation in companies, a reaction to problems in the public sector

5. lokakuu 2015

More cost awareness is also required in outsourcing decisions made in the public sector.

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Henry Tirri appointed to teach digitalisation at Aalto University

2. lokakuu 2015

Tirri will provide students with perspectives on the strategies and management of high technology companies.

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Laura Toivola was awarded to IBM´s Best Student Recognition Event

24. kesäkuu 2015

80 excellent students from 34 different countries were invited to Amsterdam.

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