According to Homecoming Day, continuous learning will be expected from business school graduates in the future

5. syyskuu 2018

Alumni populated the main building of the School of Business in Töölö for the last time.


  • Töölö
  • alumni
  • homecoming_day

How to manage external resources?

20. elokuu 2018

Research indicates that at least six factors should be considered.

Science and art

  • external_resources
  • Networks

Digital Business Master Class attracted 29 students from all over the world to the School of Business

14. elokuu 2018

The students praised the course arrangements and the challenging teaching practices.


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  • Digital_business_master_class
  • itp

Students developed Finnair’s digital services for young Japanese consumers

13. kesäkuu 2018

The ITP and IDBM programs implemented the Aalto Explorers program in co-operation with Kyushu University.

Studies Cooperation

  • finnair
  • itp
  • IDBM

IBM gave students a glance of how to manage and analyse data in a business world

11. kesäkuu 2018

Students from Aalto and University of Turku competed against each other in a business analytics challenge.


  • ibm
  • Business_Intelligence
  • competition

Helena Kauma was awarded for her masters’ thesis as the Service study of the year 2018

22. toukokuu 2018

Kauma's study provided exemplary and in practice applicable information on the studied subject.


  • service_management
  • healthcare

Aalto ranked #5 in Europe in empirical operations and supply chain management research

15. toukokuu 2018

SCM Journal List ranks universities according to research output in top-tier journals in the field.

Science and art

A customer feedback system was developed for Fazer Food Services in a student project

17. huhtikuu 2018

According to the research manager at Fazer, the project is a good starting point for wider cooperation.


  • project
  • student_project

Aalto University ranking improved in the SCM Journal List ranking

22. maaliskuu 2018

Aalto University ranked the 30th best university worldwide in the recent SCM Journal List ranking in operations and supply chain management.

Science and art

  • supply_chain_management
  • operations_management
  • industrial_engineering_and_management

Doctoral dissertation: Helsinki’s housing market favours the buyer: average benefit from an old flat EUR 5,900

13. maaliskuu 2018

Buyers benefit more than sellers, especially when it comes to large flat sales.

Science and art

  • housing_markets
  • dissertation

CKIR acts at the heart of numerous platform economy and industrial internet projects

31. tammikuu 2018

The objectives of both business and the academic world support and complete each other.


  • digitalisation
  • platform_economy
  • IoT

Self-organizing expert tribes in the world of artificial intelligence

30. tammikuu 2018

Digitalisation and globalisation are revolutionising management and the way we work.

Science and art

  • globalisation
  • digitalisation
  • digital
  • dissertation
  • management

Student business project explores the digital service environment of micro-enterprises

12. joulukuu 2017

The results are already utilized by Elisa in business development projects.


  • student_project
  • customized_business_project
  • corporate_collaboration

Investing in environmental friendliness improves the result for companies in the logistics sector

4. joulukuu 2017

The Rail Baltica allows that rail freight transport can be used to handle a greater share of freight traffic.

Science and art

  • logistics
  • sustainability

‘Working with talented students and colleagues has been a great pleasure,’ says Jyrki Wallenius

6. marraskuu 2017

Professor Wallenius has worked at the School of Economics/Business for more than thirty years.


Three public sector organisations take part in Hackathon course

2. marraskuu 2017

130 students will conceptualise and implement digitalisation projects.


  • pshack100
  • finland100
  • Aalto
  • hackathon

Creative and smart digital services for public sector organisations developed at PSHACK100 course

17. lokakuu 2017

Students are expected to bring forward innovations to support a client-centred approach.


  • pshack100
  • finland100
  • digitalisation
  • Aalto
  • hackathon

Developing design learning

25. syyskuu 2017

More collaboration with Art Education in Aalto University and SuoMu, the Finnish Association of Design Learning

Cooperation Studies

  • design_education
  • art
  • art_education
  • design

Extensive research project advances the use of artificial intelligence in B2B content marketing

21. syyskuu 2017

The Tekes funded cross-disciplinary project utilizes big data of partner companies.

Science and art

The economy grows on ideas and education

14. syyskuu 2017

Most ideas are generated by knowledge intensive service sectors, says Professor Matti Pohjola.


  • taloudenpuolustuskurssi
  • tpk2017

Aalto University Properties Ltd divests Chydenia property

31. elokuu 2017

Aalto University divests the property, but leases the premises until July 2019.


  • Töölö
  • Chydenia
  • campus

Students explored digital business through multidisciplinary projects

29. elokuu 2017

Summer of 2017: 55 students and 14 business projects


  • Information_Technology_Program
  • itp
  • digitalisation

Popularity outranks strategy in supply chain integration decisions

27. elokuu 2017

Conscious comparison and indirect copying increase the similarity of supply chain management practices of peer group companies.

Science and art

  • supplier_integration

Do productivity and well-being at work go hand in hand?

25. elokuu 2017

Aalto, Nordea and the University of Tampere joined forces to study well-being at work, social networks and productivity.

Science and art Cooperation

  • work
  • productivity
  • wellbeing

Libertas wins DataBusiness Challenge competition

11. huhtikuu 2017

Libertas seeks to improve unemployment situation by using augmented intelligence.

Science and art

  • open_data
  • Semantic_Search_Interface
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